Having a healthy home is important for everybody. If proper checks and systems aren’t in play to ensure the health of your house, you family can fall pray to illnesses. Most people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors and the environment inside have a direct impact on the health of the individuals residing there. Some research even indicates that the pollution inside can do more damage than the air pollution outside. A good underfloor ventilation system can help in maintaining a healthy atmosphere by effectively taking out the extra moisture from your house and its subfloors. It is great solution especially for those areas where the space is tight or to keep the ceiling free from any sort of ductwork. The installation of an underfloor ventilation system is relatively easy and fast and can even be placed when the floor has been laid. Ventilation helps in reducing the condensation in a room which occurs due to humid air cools down rapidly and forms water droplets on surfaces such as walls and windows. This can result in the growth of mould and can even cause damage to woodwork. It can help in lowering levels of certain gases which may be harmful such as Radon gas which has been associated with cancer. With proper ventilation, there is no risk of high concentration of any type of emissions from household chemicals. Any allergens such bas dust and pollen present inside will be filtered out as ventilation removes large particles. This is very helpful to those people who are prone to allergies and they can be comfortable in their own home. Damp conditions can also induce asthma and other respiratory conditions as it provides the ideal environment for dust mites to reproduce. Some times when these come into contact with the skin it can cause skin conditions such as eczema and itching.

This type of ventilation works by the installation of vents when the house is constructed. Fans are also placed under floors and exhaust damp air from your house. Here are some other benefits of underfloor ventilation systems:

It limits the growth of moulds which can lead to health problems such as sneezing and congestion. People who have a weak immune system will especially suffer in such conditions.

Damp subfloors can cause structural damage as the wood can start to decay. With proper ventilation and  good property inspections, the woodwork of your house can remain strong and healthy.

Termites are also attracted to damp places and can do a lot of damage once they start multiplying. Fan systems can help prevent the deterioration of your home by deterring termites.

As compared to the cost of termite removal and repair of structural damage, the cost of ventilation is very small. It is always better to invest in the prevention of health problems which can cause long term damage.

Benefits Of An Underfloor Ventilation System