Live Healthy And Keep Carpet Clean

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Be it a house, hotel, hall or office, a carpet gives an elegant look to the entire floor as well as the place. A clean and tidy carpet gives us a sense of satisfaction that we are sitting in a very good area. If we have cleaned the whole place but our carpet is not clean, it has ugly spots and small dust of particles in it then the whole area looks untidy even if had spend hours and hours to clean the specific area. So, carpet should always be neat and clean in order to give a positive impression to others. 

How Carpets Get Dirty

It is a big question that how carpet gets dirty, even if we clean it on daily basis. 



If we have kids and toddlers at home then it would be a quiet difficult task to keep the house clean all the time. The toddler crawls all around the house we cannot keep an eye on them for 24 hours because they can make the mess in the blink of an eye. The drop down the left-over food, milk from the glass or bottle etc. If we do know clean that on the spot then it leaves the ugly marks on the carpet or try good meth cleaning.


Most of the hotels are centrally carpeted rooms. People usually have their meals in the room. In the rooms, most the time it happens that people drops half of the food on the floor and they do no call room service immediately, when the curry or tea drops, it leaves the unwanted marks which is eventually hard to remove them.

Sand Storm:

A rough sand storm had hit the city, the dust comes in the house even with the windows closed. The small particles then penetrate into the carpet and we cannot suck it off with the help of vacuum as deep down these are present so we need to outsource the help to get rid of it.


In the house or office, a small leakage makes a huge issue. The smelly water gets in to the carpet and vacuum cleaner could not help to protect the carpet. So, also in this case we have to call someone to clean the carpet.

NZRS is a reliable name in the cleaning industry. We have been into this business for a long period of time. We offer domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. We provide the best services with just on call. Our trained workers get to the targeted area on time. W use heavy machinery and gadgets to clean and protect the carpets in every possible way and make it as you have bought it just now. W make your home a heaven and workplace a beautiful place to work.

In short, we provide you a healthy environment which has ho dust and bacteria so that you have a good healthy life.