A Tempting World

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Changing Family Cycles and Changing Wishes
In a fast moving world, a person’s family cycle constantly fluctuates. From being a child in a family unit, it can change to being single and alone in an apartment. After marriage, a person has to cater to the needs of two people, and when children are born those needs diversify again. When those children are grown up and out of the house, the needs and wants of a person change again and it is quite apparent how with changing times, the things people desire and things people find to be important and necessary, vary. Therefore over the years of a person’s life, a lot of material gets accumulated, which becomes unimportant or things that can be used later on. For example a two-seater car is ideal for a couple, but is really impractical for a family with multiple children.

Finding Solutions to Unused Material
So what can a person do with the antiques, furniture, documents, clothes, books that fill up the spaces in a house, making moving about an actual chore? One thing that can be done is the selling off of the things that are deemed no longer necessary, but still has a monetary value. It is also a profitable movement. But not everything can be sold off. Some possessions hold sentimental value for people like jewelry and photo albums. Some things are important for one’s occupation and family related actions, and some gear like bicycles and seasonal clothes are things that can be used later on. The ideal solution for such personal items is storage units. Depending on the amount of security needed, each person’s budget for the storing unit, the size needed for storing material, the time the various clothing items, furniture and such will have to be stored for, the market would have to reform itself to cater to the demands of different people. Hong Kong mini storage, can be used to store possessions of people that don’t take up a humongous amount of space.

For people looking to minimize costs and store possessions, it is quite practical because they offer cheap mini storage. For example toys used by children can be stored to entertain grandchildren later on, or traveling bags and luggage suitcases used when going abroad can used be later when the occasion rises.

Digital Storage
Another way to deal with unused books and documents would be the digitization of these. It takes less space but lots of people still prefer hard copies to soft copies, despite various innovations. Also material like furniture and clothes cannot be digitized.

Fighting Temptation
The world is full of tempting things. But in order to be pragmatic and live an efficient life most people have to forgo or sell off possessions they treasure. But storing them outside a person’s living residence solves this problem.