Buying Grandma A Gift

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After the first ten years of buying birthday gifts for your grandmother, ideas tend to peter out. After all, what do you get someone who has probably received the exact same gift you were planning ten times over from various friends and relatives? Moreover as grandparents get older, they tend to prioritize comfort over style, so if your gifts don’t reflect that, then you don’t understand what they want. Here are some suggestions for the next time you go shopping for your grandmother’s birthday gift.

Scented Candles

As they get older, grandmothers tend to hearken back to their youth and childhood. Reminiscing plays a large part in their day- to- day life. This is because humans retain more in their childhood and youth and gradually lose memory as they grow older. So one way of acknowledging that but at the same time, making it meaningful, is to buy them something to make them remember. Perfumes are cliché so go for a scented candle. Ask around to find what scents would evoke particular memories for them. There are sites online that offer even the most complicated scents in a candle custom made so come next birthday, light a candle that will bring tears of joy into their eyes. Find a reliable online store for a high quality item.

Warm Rug

As our bodies grow older, it also loses its ability to retain warmth, so grandmothers might prefer a cardigan over a night gown, but why not snazz it up and buy her a rug? There are special shag designed to feel warm and soft underfoot and this could be the perfect accompaniment to your grandmother’s chair.

You could buy a rug in her favourite colour, design or even have it customized with a message in large letters. Make sure however that it is easy to clean as rugs attract dust and this could be harmful over time. 

Guilty Pleasures

If your grandmother does not fit the average model, you might want to inquire further into the guilty pleasures she indulges in, so you can delight (and maybe embarrass) her on her big day. Most grandmothers prefer simple gifts such as clothes. However, there are some daredevils who play video games with their grandchildren and beat them too. Some like reading romance novels, some have a sweet tooth that can send you home screaming, and others like their TV. Some love make up, some hate it, others like dolls or cats. Whichever it is, as long as it is not harmful to their health, put some thought into it and surprise them. At their age, they don’t need to be scared of society anymore.