Getting A New Dog As A Pet

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Have your kids spent years begging you to get a puppy? Have you, after years of saying no finally given in and got your family a puppy? That’s great! But you may have some questions about bringing a puppy home, especially if you’ll are first time pet owners. Here are some tips and suggestions that might help.

Establish rules

You will need to set some ground rules if you have a puppy depending on how house proud you might be. For instance, is it okay for the dogs to get on the beds and climb on other furniture like the couch? Will there be parts of the house that the dog might not be allowed into? These will need to be established early on so that you train the puppy to understand where he or she is welcome.

Get your house ready

In addition to this, if you have stairs you may want to baby proof them so that your puppy has no accidents or at least until he or she is used to navigating the stairs. A baby gate is also useful to keep the dog out of certain areas. In addition to this you will need to ensure that your new puppy can get in and out of the house easily and should ideally install dog doors at Brisbane in all main doors.

Dog doors will allow your puppy to roam freely, and once he or she has been toilet trained this will make it easier for them to go about their business when they need to.

Make things homely

Your new puppy will soon be like family! You will definitely need to make him or her feel welcome and loved – petting alone will not work. Get a special feeding bowl or plate that will be his or hers and make sure that they now it is only for them. Set up a napping spot or sleeping corner for them – this will be their own little corner in the house. You could also set up a kennel outdoors. Wither buy or make a dog bed, especially if you will not allow the dog to get on beds and furniture. Making one is simple! Get a large basket or bassinet place a soft cushion in it and maybe a sheet or blanket and let the dog know that the bassinet is just for him or her! You could also get some toys like a rubber bone and some tennis balls – make sure that whatever toys you buy are not small enough to get lodged in their throats!