City Landscapes Then And Now

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City life is nothing new to modern lifestyle. Looming skyscrapers, flashing headlights, the hustle and bustle of hurrying people off to grab their morning coffee before work; we are all used to this atmosphere. Has city life always been this way? We do know that the concept of a city has existed for a very long time now, but the idea behind it has changed, and so has its overall landscape. How different is city life now that it was at the turn of the century? Was it really that different or can we even find similarities between how people lived several generations ago and how we do now?

Step out onto the streets several decades ago, and you would be greeted politely by the lift of a hat and a slight tilt of the head; your friendly neighbour saying ‘Hello’. You may never have even seen him before, yet he greets you as he would ever other person he passes by on the sidewalk; with respect and politeness.

Good pavers would be seen busy working on the sidewalk, constructing them laying stone next to stone. A “modern” city was being built, and it was starting from the ground up. The paving of the sidewalk is complimented by the sound of construction workers putting up a large billboard advertising the newest soda pop. Consumer goods and eating out was just starting to become popular, and many city folk enjoyed the idea of heading out at the end of the week to dine with friends and family, all dressed up in their fanciest clothing.

Before the city came to be so, the sight of women out and about all the time was not common. They would instead reserve themselves to their homes, stepping outside for fresh air into their private gardens Hobart and going nowhere beyond. Even when they did step out, it was never alone; a trusted male chaperone was always present.

The modern city is of stark contrast. Men, women, and children all can be encountered on the busy streets going about their daily life. Eateries and diners are no longer a rare treat, and line the streets, boasting various kinds of different cuisines from around the world.

As for breakfast, most prefer their morning coffee brewed fresh from their local deli or coffee bar; preparing breakfast at home is rare and considered impractical for such hectic lifestyles.

Skyscrapers dominate the sky and construction meant seeing large monstrous-looking machinery on a massive plot of land.

Overall, city life may have changed in its day-to-day landscape, but the allure of the city and its conveniences remain the same.